About Wonderware California

Wonderware California is the exclusive sales, support, and training organization in California for Wonderware—the world market leader in real-time operations management software.

Why Wonderware California

Wonderware California offers technical sales support, certified Wonderware training, and certified Wonderware support resources for the complete line of Wonderware products.

  • Since 1990, our organization has been helping customers in many industries to architect and maintain Wonderware based systems and to utilize and grow those systems to address the varied needs that exist in their manufacturing and industrial operations.

    We can help you learn about our products, create system architectures, interface to 3rd party applications, collect and report on data and apply best programming practices so that your project implementation goes smoothly and the resulting application has long term sustainability.

    Additionally, as a partner of the largest plant floor software provider in the world, Wonderware California can draw upon thousands of Wonderware integration partners around the globe to help you implement your Wonderware projects. From HMI and Geo-SCADA solutions through MES implementations and plant floor to ERP integration projects, Wonderware California can partner with you to help ensure success.

  • With over 34% of the World's manufacturing plants using Wonderware products, the Wonderware solution set can be easily applied to any kind of manufacturing environment and any kind of plant intelligence application. Covering food, pharmaceuticals, power, water and wastewater, metals, packaging, chemicals, pulp and paper, discrete manufacturing, transportation and more, Wonderware California has the toolsets and experience to add value to any kind of industrial automation project.